My Story: Why I’m Dedicated to Women’s Health

As a teenager, I suffered from undiagnosed PCOS and dealt with irregular and painful periods, facial hair, and body acne that injured myself esteem.

In college, high stress and a poor diet led to a breaking point. And I decided that chronic constipation, allergies, colds, and recurring vaginal infections and psoriasis were no longer symptoms I could accept.

So, I got to work researching how to find a solution. One that didn’t require taking hormonal birth control.

Along the way I was relieved to find that simple diet changes and herbal remedies could make a big impact. So, I eliminated dairy, made a conscious effort to eat more vegetables, and took the herbs needed to support my immune system and hormone balance-- and slowly my body started to heal.

At the same time, my passion for women’s health was born. I was determined to help other women struggling with similar issues to find healing and relief so that they’re free to live their best lives.

Thankfully, I already had an entrepreneurial spirit-- thanks to my mom.

I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx by this incredible woman, whose sheer will and determination made her a rock star in all the businesses she’s started.

For my sister and I, owning our own business---and the attitude that women can do anything---was a pillar growing up. So, we decided to co-found our company My Wellness Solutions, which supports the Harlem and Bronx communities to receive integrative care.

Simultaneously, I went on to get my Master’s in Nutrition at Columbia University to deepen my knowledge of women’s health.

It’s been an honor to teach dozens of women how to track their periods as a sign of health, learn the truth about hormone disruptors, and find the diet that works best for optimal hormone health.

Today, I am married and raising my first child despite my PCOS struggles. I invite you on a journey to discover what life can be like when you are the boss of your life and your body too.



As a Clinical Nutritionist & Hormone Expert, Violet Santana helps  women uncover the root cause of hormone imbalance. She specializes in treating PCOS, PMS, painful periods, and more. Violet  began her own journey of self-discovery with meditation at 30 years old. At the same time, she’d discovered that all the years of irregular, heavy, and painful periods, and facial hair were simply undiagnosed PCOS. She embarked on a journey to learn nutrition at a graduate level and graduated with a Masters Degree in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. Throughout the years of working one on one with women at My Wellness Solutions, she’s helped teach women how to track their periods as a sign of health, learn the truths of hormone disruptors, and the diet that works best for optimal hormone health.

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My Approach: You Deserve to Feel Better. You Can and You Will.

I believe that women have been blindsided for many years by corporate giants and big pharma like Procter & Gamble (maker of Always pads and tampons), Pfizer and Merck (makers of birth control pills and devices) .

An alarmingly large majority of us don't realize the damage hormone disruptors can cause or that the pill has so many awful side effects when there is a natural solution to help you prevent pregnancies (fertility awareness method or FAM).

You’ve in a way  been brainwashed to believe you can’t take care of your own body and should instead give full power away to a doctor with blind trust.

But the truth is, that is the key--- taking care of your body and connecting with it’s innate wisdom. By simply learning how to tune in,  you’ll always know exactly what’s wrong and pursue the guidance needed to heal.

The truth is, the body is incredibly intelligent and if you help it just a bit, it will do the rest for you. Think: eat clean, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, replenish your nutrients, detoxify, exercise, and find the right health care team.

I’m here to support you on this journey. To get to the root cause of your hormone imbalance, painful periods, PMS, or PCOS so that you can finally feel empowered to thrive in this life.